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Notes on the Book of Daniel: Chapter 12

Posted by lehunt on June 14, 2016

Larry Hunt Bible Commentary // Albrecht Dürer The Opening of the Fifth and Sixth Seal

The Opening of the Fifth and Sixth Seals

Albrecht Dürer

Chapter 12:

I think the visions of this chapter signify the events that mark the end of time: the reign of the Antichrist (who is foreshadowed by the Roman king of 9:27) the resurrection and judgment of the dead, etc.

v. 2: “Many” here may be read to mean “a large portion of” i.e., not all, but it may also simply indicate a large number.  How many people will face God on Judgment day?  All, which is a great number, in other words, “many.”  I favor this latter interpretation.  Why would only some, however “many,” be raised during the time indicated by this verse?  Both good and bad are raised, so what other significant quality would prevent someone from being raised?

v. 4: Daniel is told to seal the prophecy and keep the words secret.  I think this means that nobody, including Daniel (vs. 8-9), would be allowed to understand their significance until some time in the distant future (relative to Daniel).  Contrast these words with Revelation 22:10.  Note also the story of the opening of the sealed scroll in Revelation 5.

v. 7: This time is 3 ½ years long, and it ends “when the power of the holy people is shattered.”  I suspect that it alludes to the first half of the week in 9:27, but I do not believe the two periods describe the same events. I think the vision here is only making use of the numerology and history associated with the Roman ruler of 9:27 (which is, itself, using numerology and history associated with Antiochus Epiphanes).  I think this 3 ½ years refers to the events surrounding the coming of the Antichrist; as a consequence of this, I also think that John’s two divisions of a week refer to the same period as this division here in Daniel 12.  See notes on Revelation 11:2-3.  For comments on this period of half a week, or 3 ½ days, or “time, times, and half a time,” see notes on8:14. See also Order of Events supplement in Revelation notes.

v. 11: This time begins when “the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation is set up” and ends, presumably, when the abomination is taken away and the daily sacrifice reestablished. It is 1,290 days or 3 and ½ years including the extra month that the Hebrew calendar adds every 2 or three years.  I believe it alludes to the second half of the week (see v. 7 note).  For comments on this period of half a week, or 3 ½ days, or “time, times, and half a time,” see notes on 8:14.  See also Order of Events supplement in Revelation notes.

v. 12: 1,335 days  is 3 years and 8 ½ months in years whose months have 30 days each.  I am not very sure what this period of time refers to.  I suspect that it is a period that includes and extends beyond the former period of 3 ½ years (v. 11).  They who reach the end of this period will be blessed.  I want to parallel it with the time after the blowing of the seventh trumpet in Revelation (see notes there, and see also Order of Events supplement in Revelation notes), but I am not very confidant of the connection.


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