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Notes on the Book of Revelation: Chapter 10

Posted by lehunt on March 21, 2017

St John the Theologian writing the Book of Revelation (Byzantine museum) // Larry Hunt Bible Commentary

St John the Theologian writing the Book of Revelation

v. 4: Since John writes, “I was about to write” I wonder if he recorded these visions in his dream state, as he was having the visions?  Was the paper he wrote on while in heaven physical paper?  Was he writing only in the dream or was he having a waking vision where he thought he was writing in the dream but really writing on Patmos at the same time, like when sounds from the physical world enter our dreams as we sleep (except in this case something from his dreams entered his active, physical life while he was awake).


One Response to “Notes on the Book of Revelation: Chapter 10”

  1. This is such an interesting question (to me, anyway). You sent me to my Logos software to do a phrase search on “mello graphein” (to be about to start / to write). I suspect one would have to have more time and agility than I have with this software to get to the bottom of John’s use of that wording. This is the only instance of the precise phrase in any canonical Johannine lit. Some form of the first word appears 25x in John & Rev combined. My next (linguistic) step would be observe how the “mello” is used in connection with other infinitives like “to write.” And coming to understand how John uses these words probably gets at less than half of what you are asking. Fascinating.

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