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    SWEET RIVER FOOL - Alcoholic, homeless, and alone, Snody despaired of life until a seemingly chance encounter with Saint Francis of Assisi led him to the joys of Christ and the redemption of his soul…

  • THE GLORY OF KINGS - A proposal for why God will always be the best explanation for the existence of the universe.

  • ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD - Enoch had a beautiful soul and walked with God in many ways. This book invites children to imagine what some of those ways might have been while presenting them with a wonderful model for their own lives.

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When the source I cite is a commentary referencing the same verse that my own notes are commenting upon, I generally do not make a more specific reference than the title of the source.  For instance, if I am commenting on Genesis 3:1 and cite Barnes’s Notes on this same verse, I might only note that the citation comes from Barnes.  When the source is not so easily located, I try to make a more specific reference to page numbers, etc.


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Publishing Group, 1997.  The Anchor Bible.

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Zimmerli, Walther, A Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, Chapters 25-48.  Trans. James D. Martin.  Philadelphia:  Fortress

Press, 1983.


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