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I Kings 13

Chapter 13

v. 6:  This is an encouraging insight on the nature of God.  He had mercy on Jeroboam even in the midst of his anger toward and condemnation of the man.

v. 18:  I realize that no angel spoke to him, but I wonder if this is what Paul had in mind in Galatians 1:8.

v. 23:  What an awkward moment this must have been.

v. 29:  I cannot figure this old prophet out.  He seems to feel remorse for what he has brought down on the man of God, but I am curious about why he lied to him in the first place.  It seems like he just wanted to rub elbows with a “fellow prophet,” as if he respected the office of prophet but forgot its strict, sacred nature and so lied to the man of God (without malicious intent) just to get him to come home with him.  Also, I wonder why he was not punished.  Jeroboam was shown mercy and the old prophet who lied about the command of God seems to have missed punishment as well.  Only the man of God, whose sin was to allow himself to be deceived by a “prophet,” is punished.  Perhaps the man of God was more strictly punished because his actions could confuse the authenticity of God’s message on this occasion.


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