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I Kings 7

Chapter 7

vs. 1-12:  It is interesting to note that the level of detail given for Solomon’s palace is not nearly as high as that given for the temple.  Nevertheless, the details that are given for the palace are that it took twice as long to build his palace as it did the temple, and that the palace was nearly twice as big as the temple.  That might be a subtle criticism of the king.

v. 23:  I cannot help but connect the name of this vessel, the “Sea,” with the symbolic implications of sea imagery in the Bible.  Of course, the name might simply refer to the fact that this laver held a lot of water.  For instance, compare this name with the “Cedar Forest” of v.2.

v. 48:  Solomon made all the furnishings for the temple; the original furnishings for the tabernacle, and the tabernacle itself, were carried up to the temple, as chapter eight records.  Barnes believed these original furnishings were stored in the treasuries.

v. 51:  I think the side rooms of the temple (6:5) were storage rooms, perhaps the treasuries spoken of here.


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