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II Chronicles 13

Chapter 13:

v. 11:  The fact that Abijah here mentions the table (singular) of pure gold and the lampstand of gold (also singular) is interesting since one would expect him to say tables and lampstands (plural).  Solomon’s temple differed from the tabernacle in that it had ten tables for the shewbread and ten lampstands.  Here are some possible explanations.

1) “To offer bread on the table” is an idiomatic expression and does not reflect the actual number of tables.

2)  Egypt (2nd Chronicles 12:9) carried off the displayed articles of the temple, but missed the articles of the tabernacle (which would have been in storage) and the priests began using the old tabernacle furniture instead of that made for the temple.

3)  Egypt took everything, and these are a table and lampstand which have been constructed since the attack.

This last scenario naturally leads me to consider the fate of the Ark.  I used to think of the Ark as being irreplaceable, but I wonder now.  Solomon remade other articles of the tabernacle (the golden altar of incense, for example – see my Key for Solomon’s Temple), so could the Ark not have been remade as well?  In that case, a stolen Ark would no longer be significant as the Mercy Seat of God, only as an artifact.  Of course, the contents of the Ark would have been irreplaceable, but perhaps the Jews would have carried on as best they could.  They always do.  See also notes on 1 Kings 14:21.


2 Responses to “II Chronicles 13”

  1. […] [3] See notes on 1st Kings 14:26 and 2nd Chronicles 13. […]

  2. […] [3] See notes on 1st Kings 14:26 and 2nd Chronicles 13. […]

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