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II Samuel 18

Chapter 18


v. 4:  I wonder if listening to the people’s advice here was the result of wisdom or simply weakness.  The wording suggests weakness, and there is no indication in the subsequent narrative of the battle that David might have been in unusual danger.  Still, anything can happen in war, and this was a crucial time for David to stay alive.


v. 8:  I assume that this danger in the forest is due more to the confusion of troop formation, etc., than to getting caught in trees as Absalom does.  I like Barnes’ suggestion that the battle was purposely joined in the forest at Joab’s instigation because this confusion of troops would be advantageous to a smaller force such as Joab’s.


v. 10:  He must have been knocked unconscious.  I cannot imagine getting your head so stuck that you could not free yourself in as much time as Absalom must have had.  Also, the fact that there is no dialogue when Joab comes upon him might suggest that he was unconscious.


v. 29:  Ahimaz does not exactly lie here, but he does know that Absalom is dead (v. 20).


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