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II Samuel 3

Chapter 3

v. 6:  This implies that Ishbosheth’s accusation was valid.

v. 22:  I wonder if this meeting between Abner and David was purposefully arranged so that Joab would not be there, since Joab obviously bore a grudge against Abner.

v. 26:  Saying that “David did not know it” seems to suggest that he was not guilty of what follows and that he would have prevented a meeting between Abner and Joab if he could have.

vs. 33-34:  David’s lament is saying that it was not right for Abner to die so ignobly (like a criminal) since he was a good man.  He was not bound (as you would expect a criminal to be) so he was obviously not executed for a crime; therefore, he must have been betrayed, like someone who has fallen into the hands of a wicked person.

v. 39:  I believe this is the first time that David has claimed this title, “anointed king.”


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