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Isaiah 15

Chapter Fifteen:

See also 25:10-12

v. 5: It seems odd that the prophet would cry out in sympathy for Moab, given that Moab is an enemy. There is some common ancestry between the Moabites and the Israelites; Lot, the nephew of Abraham (Genesis 11:27) fathered Moab on his own first-born daughter (Genesis 19:36-38), but the two peoples fought as enemies afterwards.  (See the brief historical outline I have made in chapter sixteen’s notes.)  All of the enemies of Israel are related to them in one way or another; therefore, I do not think the prophet sympathizes with Moab because of any specific connection he feels to Moabites, but rather because he has a soft heart and is touched by their future afflictions, which he himself has to foretell.

On the other hand, it may be God who weeps here, not Isaiah. See notes on 16:9.


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