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Judges 1

Chapter 1

v. 1:  The phrase “after the death of Joshua” is throwing me off because all the events recorded between this first verse and 2:8 seem to have taken place during Joshua’s lifetime.  For instance, the exploits of vs. 9-11 here seem to cover the same actions as Joshua 10:36-38, and the death of Joshua in 2:8 seems to have been taken from Joshua 24:28-30.[1]  So everything seems to fit chronologically as a sort of summary of the book of Joshua except this opening sentence.  The only explanation I can come up with is that the phrase should read “after the death of Moses” (Joshua 1:1) but was transcribed incorrectly.

Vs. 12-15: This is how I would paraphrase the interaction here between Othniel, Achsah, and her father:  Achsah wants Othniel to ask her father for a field so that she can then say to her father, “Since you’ve given me a field, why not go ahead and give me springs of water too?”  Incidentally, Achsah is Othniel’s first cousin.

Vs. 21-26:  It is interesting to note the warning of Judges 2:3 in light of the fact that most of these Canaanites who stayed were concentrated in the north[2] and that it was the northern kingdom (Israel) that first fell into idolatry after the split.

[1] See also Judges 1:13 and Joshua 15:16-17.

[2] See map at the end of Judges notes.


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