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Mark 6

Chapter Six:

v. 5: It is shocking that Mark says Jesus “could do no mighty work there,” implying that the unbelief of the people in Jesus’s hometown was so strong that it actually prevented God from doing what he wished to do.  Nevertheless, I do not think that this statement should cause a Christian to worry that his lack of faith will prevent God from answering his prayers.  I think it is important to distinguish the type of unbelief which the people of Nazareth had from that which the poor, desperate father of 9:24 confesses when he says, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”  The unbelief of the father in 9:24 is the result of our conditioned reluctance to believe in something as unusual as supernatural healing.  But in his heart, he believes enough to ask for help, and this is all that is required of him for Christ to work the miracle.  His belief is small, perhaps even as small as a mustard seed, but that is enough for Christ to work the miracle because the boy’s father genuinely (however weakly) turns to God for help.  This is not true of the unbelievers in Nazareth.  Their unbelief is proud and scornful.  They believe Jesus is being pretentious.  Mark says, “They were offended at him.”  Thus, Christ could not help them because they scorned even to ask him for help.  See also notes on Mark 8:23.


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