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                                                                                                        -Jesus (John 10:35)

As an undergraduate, I briefly had the job of night watchman at a couple of the dorms on campus.  It was, without doubt, the worst job I have ever had, not because the job itself was so difficult, but because I am very nearly narcoleptic and was unable to adjust to working the graveyard shift.  I never fell asleep on the job, but I was a zombie for the rest of the day, falling asleep in class, forgetting where I lived, eating my soup with a fork, and so on.

Nevertheless, two positive things came out of this experience.   I got to see quite a few more sunrises that I would normally have, and I started taking notes as part of my daily Bible study.  Since my late teens, I had resolved to try to study the Bible for an hour each day, but that proved impossible while working at this job.  After two minutes of concentrated reading I was seeing double.  After three, I was snoring like a bear in hibernation.  I tried several things to counteract this effect.  I even tried reading in uncomfortable yoga positions, but this resulted in nothing but strange dreams and some sore muscles.  The only thing that helped was to write down my thoughts.  Something about the process of studying the Scriptures in this way kept my mind alert, and so I continued doing it.

Soon, however, I realized that the discipline of writing my thoughts down had other benefits as well.  For one, it forced me to sort out exactly what those thoughts were.  Writing made them more clearly defined and articulate.  Years later when I read that Sir Francis Bacon had said, “Writing maketh an exact man,” I knew precisely what he meant.   Another benefit of writing my thoughts down is that it leaves a record of those thoughts, preserving them for me to build on later.

Thus, these notes are a kind of organic and personal creature of my own, not something that I intended to publish as a commentary, but at some point it occurred to me that they might be helpful for others.  I have learned from and been encouraged by reading and hearing the thoughts of other sincere students of the Bible, and I hope that this blog will achieve the same effect for those who find it.  My commentary is incomplete, and I expect it always will be since the study of the Bible is more than the work of a lifetime, but I will upload new notes and amend the old ones as I am able.  Much of my earlier work is hand-written, so I am in the process of converting and editing right now.  Please let me know about any mistakes that you may find (grammatical or theological).

As for the Bible itself, I believe it is holy.  I believe that God has specially directed its composition and compilation through the centuries in order to provide us with a means of knowing him.  I love it as one loves the living room of his best friend’s house, a place where many hours of meaningful fellowship have passed.

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May God bless you in your study of his scriptures.

Thank you for visiting Larry Hunt’s Bible Commentary!


5 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Robert said

    Larry, thanks for the notice about the Sweet River Fool. I’m afraid I’m book, and time, poor just now, finishing up another year of seminary & packing out for a summer mission in Mexico. Thanks again for letting me know about it, and I would love to read it when I do get a chance!

    in Jesus,


  2. Hi Larry. Dropped by to look at your book again and found this page as well. I’ve just started wandering through your commentary and I’m enjoying it. Thanks.

  3. Larry, this is a idea. I’m looking forward to taking part.


  4. I mean a “great idea”!!

  5. Justine said

    were there any updates on “A Comprehensive Textbook for Bible Study Methodology”

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